Participate in a Study

We invite people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in the exciting research studies being conducted here at Pennington Biomedical. The studies are at no charge to you and many of them offer compensation for volunteers who participate. Below are our ongoing pediatric clinical studies:

BabyEE Pilot

Metabolism is a major component of health, especially infant health. Scientists are not sure how metabolism is inherited or what factors after birth may influence metabolism, so researchers at Pennington Biomedical are working to better understand the factors that impact metabolism development in infants.

Born 2 Burn Calories

The Born2Burn Calories (B2B) research study aims to understand how infants burn calories in early life through a special type of fat that infants have.

Greaux Baby

The goal of the Greaux Baby research study is to explore how early life nutrition, specifically human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), impacts the health and development of formula fed infants and toddlers through 24 months of age.

HMOs are carbohydrates that are naturally found in human breast milk, but are not always present in formula. HMOs provide many health benefits. For example, HMOs may help to protect infants against infections, support digestive health, as well as potentially improve cognitive development.


The purpose of the Icodec research study is to investigate the amount of insulin icodec that is absorbed, used, and leaves from the body after a single injection under the skin in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Infant 31P Pilot

The Infant 31P Pilot research study aims to develop a technique to accurately measure muscle metabolism in infants. Understanding more about muscle in infants will help researchers learn more about the factors that impact the health of people beginning in early life and continuing throughout their lifespan.

Mini Movers

The purpose of the Mini Movers study is to figure out what active play, screen-time, and sleep look like in the home environment. We want to find ways to help kids move more and sleep well.

Mini Movers 2.0

The purpose of the Mini Movers 2.0 study is to develop a 24-hour movement behavior program that will support preschoolers being active, sleeping well, and sitting less outside of the childcare environment.


The purpose of the PIONEER TEENS research study is to test the efficacy of a study drug versus a placebo on controlling blood sugars in children and adolescents with Type 2 diabetes.

Shape Up! Keiki

The purpose of the Shape Up! Keiki research study is to create a better way to measure and describe health from body shape.


The STRONG research study aims to understand how girls’ muscles use different fuels in their body (carbs and fat) to provide energy for different levels of activity.

This research is important for understanding how to best refuel the body when it uses up energy.


The purpose of the SUNRISE research study is to examine movement behaviors measuring physical activity, sitting, and sleep for children ages 3 and 4 years old.

If you’re 18 or older, there may be other studies that you can join. Click here to find out about these studies or call 225-763-3000 to learn how you can be a volunteer!

If you don't see a trial that fits your interests or needs, click here to complete a questionnaire and we will contact you about any future trials for which you may qualify.