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Study Purpose

The STRONG research study aims to understand how girls’ muscles use different fuels in their body (carbs and fat) to provide energy for different levels of activity.

This research is important for understanding how to best refuel the body when it uses up energy.

About the Study

STRONG participants and parents will attend an initial screening visit at Pennington Biomedical to learn about the study, take part in physical tests, and receive a wearable device to track physical activity, which will be used for 7 days at a time and returned at a later visit.

Participants will have two additional study visits to Pennington Biomedical (one at the beginning of the study and one at the end) and stay for 24 hours in the metabolic chamber each time. The metabolic chamber is a special room that measures breathing and energy use. This room is like a bedroom with a window, bed, desk, TV and phone. The study staff will share more about the room should your child qualify for the study.

Study Design

Number of Visits:

  • 1 screening visit
  • 2 study visits


  • Body measurements (height, weight)
  • Surveys/Questionnaires
  • Medical history assessment
  • Blood test
  • DXA scan (to measure muscle, bone, and fat)
  • Resting metabolic rate (to measure how many calories are burned in a day)
  • Bike fitness test
  • Activity trackers
  • Food diaries
  • Metabolic chamber (see description above)
  • Exercise test

Study Qualifications

To qualify, participants in this study should:

Study Duration

Participation in this study will last approximately 2 months.


Compensation of up to $350 is offered for the completion of this study.

Study Contact

Parents, are you ready to see if your child qualifies for the STRONG research study? Click here to screen online, call 225-763-2618 or email

If you think you may be eligible, please click the button below to screen online.

Please do not fill out this questionnaire for anyone other than yourself unless you are their legal guardian.
If you know someone who may be interested please direct them to the site or have them call us directly at 225-763-3000.

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